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Membership is free and entitles you to a free Mystery Gift with each purchase.

Get direct access to News & Updates on Polly-Paradise latest arrivals of quality,

stylish and affordable new and pre-loved clothing, jewellery accessories, clutches,

and handbags. You can however choose to upgrade to a paid Subscription-membership at 

any time which will give extra benefits, such as access to the paid Subscription-Members only 

Boutique. As well as monthly Mystery gifts are chosen just for you and posted

to your postage address each month to match your size & favourite colour/s..

 Access to the paid Subscription-Members Boutique area is possible through a password administered from

Your password will be sent to you by email after your payment is received.


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Subscription Paid Membership is currently only for Australian residents only.

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Free Membership


Australian residents only.


Per Month

  • Subscription-Membership gives you access to the Subscribers Members Boutique access only by a password.
  • Password sent by email after payment is completed.

  • Subscription-Members-only Mystery gift with every purchase. 
  • Plus paid Subscription Membership entitles you to your Mystery box(parcel) at the end of each month. 
  • Posted directly to you postage cost is included in your monthly payment.
  •  The mystery box is packaged especially for you considering your personal clothing size & favourite colour/s. 
  • Items will always be New with Tag/s. Your Mystery Box parcel will contain 1-3 items which may be clothing, jewellery & accessories.
  •  Your clothing size & favourite colour/s are required to ensure your items are specific to your personal style.
  • Please send all required details using the Contact page after payment is made.
  • Stay updated with the latest news and current items available with free access for all Free & Paid Subscription Members on the Community page.

  • Bigger Savings-Subscription Paid Members-only 
  • Random Sales & Discounts.
  • Get notified by email.

Being a  Subscription Paid Member gives you more Benefits!

Available currently for Australian residents only.

Please send your Details once Payment has been made to ensure your Mystery GIFTBOX(parcel)will contain items specific to your size and favourite colour/s.

You can quickly send your style information by clicking the tab on the left of this page.

The Contact page can also be used for sending or updating any information.